Wednesday, 20 March 2013

yummy samples

Quickie here ... but rather yummy I think/hope. I'm taking my Orientation pieces to the Bramble Patch tomorrow for the Six & Friends Exhibition which starts on Friday. Whilst there I am also dropping off a selection of samples for the course I am teaching there in 2014. I've been collecting these up and making them into a very rough book so people can have a good look through them

So here we have some of the samples:


and some more - if you don't find these exciting you are made of sterner stuff then me!

put together on rings - sort of bookish

opens like this! - hope that looks tempting

lastly - here is the beginning of that very quick quilt - first layout ... done yesterday
Not happy with everything there - but it's a good start and I'm off to tweak it now! I'm away for a couple of days after tonight - so it will be next week before I get to stitch this. It also has quite a lot of applique to go on top. But it is getting max 3 days ... I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for reading - hope to see some of you at the NEC - Hilary x

Friday, 15 March 2013

YIPPEEEEEE .. banner finished and which pot to choose? - views requested

That yippeeeeeee - was from the heart. The last bits of putting together anything that needs to be measured and accurate are torture for me ... but the banner is finally done and now having a very final light blocking:
And just because I like to see what machines and stuff people use - here we are in action, joining all those bits together, with my newly serviced and no longer screaming Janome:
If you can see a few odd blobs, then those are the blocking pins. I have to say the old thing went together very well (I am truly impressed with my measuring and care ... very unlike me, but then it is not for me, and that makes a difference) But I do like a nice flat boy .. so I shall leave it blocking for at least a week now and then just add the hanging sleeve. That will no doubt be minutes before it is due at the AGM in Nottingham .. but that cannot be helped.
So - still with the theme of the AGM (rather obsessed with it at present), I have been making up pieces to use as examples for the workshop I am running. I did have examples, but had forgotten (if I ever realised - probably not actually) that they would be out on exhibition with Grosvenor Shows during the very weekend of the AGM. Not a hardship  for me to make more of these though .. I truly love putting them together and will no doubt make many more before I am done. I said in my workshop blurb that those attending would have a choice of three flowers and three pots - to be combined in any way they wish. So I have made mine with Spring daffodils:
early summer tulips:
 and mid/late summer daisies:
each in a different pot or jug.  Hopefully the colours I have chosen go with those choices. They are made with a mixture of painted papers and fabrics used together with commercial fabrics and lace. Backgrounds are overall quilted in a wonky (oh how I love wonky) grid and then the pots and flowers are free machine stitched. These still need some hand stitching added, a few details enhanced with some crayon and /or pencil, and obviously edging and mounting. This will be done soon ... this will have to be done soon, the AGM is soon ....eeeeek. So if any of you are coming to my workshop, these are what you will be doing.  But before that, I need to decide which one I will donate as a prize in the Chinese auction? I am so bad at these sort of decisions, so I'm hoping you will tell me which is your favourite, to help me choose. Daffs, Daisies or Tulips?? Which would you like?
I will post more images when they are done, and let you know which one is chosen for the auction.
I have a busy week next week, visiting the Bramble Patch to deliver the Orientation pieces (note to self .. must find Orientation pieces) and then a visit to the NEC with Steph the day after for the Spring Fashion Embroidery and Stitch Show. Oh yes .... and I need to make another quilt - very quickly before the AGM .... will be another Diary of a very quick Quilt that .. if I can manage to write as well as make. I have an idea for the design (just as well I think) - but I'll tell you about that next week - Hilary x

Saturday, 2 March 2013

workshops and more workshops!!

I suppose this is a bit of an update sort of a blog .. as I have been finalising plans for some workshops recently and said I would post details when available. I would like to forewarn you that my keyboard has gone all hissy on me and is only typing the odd (randomly chosen it would seem) letter .. so I apologise in advance for any real clangers.  So first up ... I have just received confirmation that I will be teaching a masterclass (oooherr!) at FOQ - 2 days: Tues 6th and Wed 7th Aug 2013. This will be the first time I have taught at festival and I'm really looking forward to it. The two day class will be looking at preparing personal and unique materials for using in design and finished work, then using these to develop a series of designs for future pieces  It's going to be fun, as I am planning on using paint and  apparently my water facilities are limited to a bucket! ... but we shall not be daunted. Here are a couple of images of the sort of stuff we will be doing:

I believe the masterclasses are listed as intermediate or above .. but I am happy for anyone to come .. and hopefully those who have been on one  my workshops would confirm that I am not at all scary. I am also taking a stand at Festival for the first time this year (eeek) and interestingly  will need to be assembling this on the Wednesday as well as teaching .. hmmmm. But I have a cunning plan - well not so cunning actually .. I have just told Stephen he is having a day off work and coming to NEC to build a stand  Steep learning curve for him too .. but he will be fine. If you are around on Wed and see one stressed  man - do help him out. I think the worst thing for him was that last weekend  I decided we had better go and suss out Ikea for shelves, boxes, tables . that sort of thing (for the stand).I am sure Stephen is not alone in being a man who truly loathes Ikea .. so I take my hat off to him for his help and good(ish) humour.

I told you last time that I had agreed with Anne at the Bramble Patch to run a series of two day courses in 2014 ... Again preparing materials and creating designs, but in much more depth. I have put the full descriptions of each session on my website (workshops page - scroll through to end), but here are the images to go with each session.

 Session 1 Stencils and prints

 Session 2 Rubbings, resists monoprints

 Session 3 Screen prining including thermofax

Session 4 Recycling and re-using

 Session 5 Design - fabric led

Session 6 Design - theme led

I hope that looks exciting  I am certainly excited and can scarcely wait to start ... but will have to wait  a few months yet. The course starts in Jan 2014 and will then run every other month. Each session is two days and can be attended as a one off - although inevitably, the more you attend, the more you will gain. Anne will be putting these on the Bramble Patch website  fairly soon, and I hope they will be popular. Quite a few people have asked me about workshops looking at fabric painting and printing together with design and as I am now fully booked up for 2104, as well as 2013..I hope these will fit the bill. The Bramble Patch is a gorgeous shop and very nicely positioned mid country, near Daventry - a wonderful venue for workshops (and shopping).

Nearer in time though, is the Quilters Guild AGM, where I am teaching too. I have been making the pieces for this over the last few days and will post images in a couple of days for you to see. In fact - I'd better get back to them now!

Thanks for visiting my blog - I do appreciate it - Hilary x