Wednesday, 20 March 2013

yummy samples

Quickie here ... but rather yummy I think/hope. I'm taking my Orientation pieces to the Bramble Patch tomorrow for the Six & Friends Exhibition which starts on Friday. Whilst there I am also dropping off a selection of samples for the course I am teaching there in 2014. I've been collecting these up and making them into a very rough book so people can have a good look through them

So here we have some of the samples:


and some more - if you don't find these exciting you are made of sterner stuff then me!

put together on rings - sort of bookish

opens like this! - hope that looks tempting

lastly - here is the beginning of that very quick quilt - first layout ... done yesterday
Not happy with everything there - but it's a good start and I'm off to tweak it now! I'm away for a couple of days after tonight - so it will be next week before I get to stitch this. It also has quite a lot of applique to go on top. But it is getting max 3 days ... I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for reading - hope to see some of you at the NEC - Hilary x


  1. Thanks Cas - I love this sort of stuff ... could spend the rest of my life 'what iffing' I suspect x

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Hilary ... I do love a big pile of colour. Are you at the NEC on Friday? - hope to see you if so .. and Happy Birthday too xx