Sunday, 12 May 2013

SiX and Friends: A welcome return to the East

Here is a link to the post about starting new work for Six & Friends

SiX and Friends: A welcome return to the East: Heavens! - it has been absolutely yonks since I posted on here - and for good reason ... it has been that long too since I finished my las...

Friday, 10 May 2013

screens, stencils and a self portait (all whilst dyeing hair)

Life seems to be very busy these days, so in the spirit of multi-tasking I am blogging at the same time as highlighting my hair. This seems a cunning idea to me, as there is a clock right in front of me on the computer screen – so what can go wrong? If I am next seen with white hair, we know that something did go wrong. But I am confident.. I am no fool (???) - I may just have to dash off suddenly.
So first of all – here are a few more of those screen prints I mentioned last time. These came about as I had several cut out backings from heat n bond after making applique shapes for a banner I made for Region 10. Some (OK – all) seemed too good to waste, and I decided I would try using them as stencils with my screen.


I can report back that they are not very durable – one session only as they collapse when you take them off the screen. But if you have them as a by-product of something else,  definitely worth doing - I love these cloths and am itching to get something made with them – so watch this space. I want to make some smaller pieces to take to Festival of Quilts with me, and these could be just the ticket.

I mentioned last time that I was trying to finish my piece in time to enter it into the new Art Quilt juried competition at FOQ. Well – I did it, with my usual under 2 hours to spare. I now have to wait and see if I get juried in. I shall keep the image a bit secret, at least until I hear.. but here are a couple of details


It is a self-portrait and is about anxiety, safety, pressure, stability even sanity and is a very different piece for me … but just right for this gallery I hope. It is the first in what I intend to be a long running series of personal works dealing with issues around living with chronic depression, which I think you all know I do. I don’t want these to be gloomy (although inevitable some will be challenging for me as well as the viewer)  as I don’t see the illness in that light. More as something that has profoundly changed how I see life and how I behave and live. I envisage both large and small pieces, sketches and notes. I am excited about doing this work, so fingers crossed for number 1!! (all fingers appreciated)
Whilst tidying (sort of) a drawer I came across several cans of spray paint, which I decided to try out. I hated most – they frankly stank and I found the finish very plasticky. But one brand I loved  – so here are a few images of them used with stencils and dye. I only had silver and gold – I shall definitely be ordering some more!


When I was sorting the images for posting I thought I would just try out altering one as a potential source for a thermofax screen … WOW – look at these ….


Oops – look at the time .. must go and rinse hair – back in 5 minutes ………

Job done – I knew it would be fine.  I will absolutely definitely be making screens from these and using them along with the stencils .. seriously can’t wait.
But first, and lastly for today, I have finally got to the point where I have some time to make some more work for the SiX & Friends exhibition when it moves to Minerva in the summer. I am making a series of 4, or possibly six pieces, entitled ‘Many Moons’.  I’ve run out of time now (need to dry hair before it dries itself in mad style)– but I will post on the SiX blog this weekend and tell you a bit more about them.
Thanks for reading – enjoy your weekend ... Hilary x