Thursday, 22 August 2013

Exhibition, Open Studios and shopping

I went to the Bramble Patch in Weedon last week and whilst there was able to have a look at the exhibition of work by Jan Hassard, Steph Redfern and myself. It has been there throughout August and will be there until the end of the month. I am clearly a bit biased - but talking my own work apart, the work by Jan and Steph is beautiful and well worth a visit .. don't forget your camera. Here are a few images:

This one by Jan is called 'Strata Dreams' I find her use of colour thrilling

Another one of Jans - 'Grecian Door' - glorious colour again
This is  'Lasers in the Jungle' by Steph Redfern ... I love it
and my first favourite of Stephs quilts - 'Red Tree' ... I studied this for my C+G course with Design Matters - and I still love it
And an old favourite of my own - 'Alliums'

and lastly, this one - one of my earliest quilts and quite different to my normal work I think. This was based on a piece of Vintage Fabric and apart from the dark green fabric, is entirely hand painted .. it is too long to hang at home, so it is a treat to see it out

Steph and I are having an Open Studio next week at the Bramble Patch - Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Steph has been making list and plans(??) - I am hoping she has done some for me too. I think we will be basically making materials and then working designs and pieces using them - well that's my rough plan anyway .. so do come along and see us .. we are friendly and it will hopefully be interesting and fun.

Oh - I mustn't forget the shopping. I have now got most of the products I had at the NEC into the shop on my website - so if you have mailed asking when they would be there - now is the answer! The only thing I am waiting for is stencils - which completely sold out .. so I will put them on as soon as they arrive .. I've ordered some extra patterns too, so do keep looking.

And lastly before I go and feed a hungry man-  Steph and I  also managed a day out last week. We called it planning for the Open Studios - but actually we went to the Winterbourne Botanical Gardens in Birmingham - which are just stunning and pootled/gossiped and drank tea. I took over 300 photos and will post some (not all - I promise) next time - but for now - here is one of Steph .. looking happy and gorgeous as ever! - talk soon - Hilary x





  1. I'll pay you to take that picture of me off Hils.
    Thanks for posting the BP show, love Jan's work, I haven't seen it before; it will be good to see it in real life next week. So far my work plan has filled 6 sheets, including footnotes and an index.

    1. Why??? - you look truly yummy old sock. Delighted about plan .. await my copy an schedule so I can prepare. S has made me an excel spread sheet about something - really ..
      Have you seen that Anne has got us tickets to see a singing knitter?? - and they say nothing happens in these rural villages xxx

  2. I just purchased this in fast last night with the promotion they are running! Really like it for fall!

  3. Hi Hilary,
    Hilary F here. I've been meaning to leave a note (in fact did, but pushed the wrong button and it didn't get published) to say how lovely it was to meet you in the flesh at FOQ.You seemed really busy, so feels like it was a great success, both for you, your book and quilt.

    I've really enjoyed reading your book, not just for the content, but also the layout. For me, the content is pitched perfectly. Thank you for not putting in pages and pages on 'materials' or repeating 'how to's that you rightly say can be found in other books. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who wanted inspiration to deepen and expand their practice.

    What I also love is that the layout makes every page almost an art work in itself. It is beautiful to look at and really demonstrates your skills in layering and composition. I was showing it to a painter friend who also commented that it could easily have ended up looking a mess, but it doesn't - it just works. She was impressed - as am I!

    I am looking forward to book 2 - and particularly the book on how to bring it all together - is that going to be book 2 or have I to to wait until book 3 - or 4?

    Hilary Florence

    1. Hi Hilary F ... and it was really good to meet you at FOQ .. the band of Hilarys keeps growing. FOQ was quite extraordinary ... very busy and very tiring .. but also brilliant and yes - a good show for both me and the book. And Thank You enormously for such a wonderful review. I truly couldn't write a technical book - I would absolutely certainly get things all mixed up and wrong. But I did hope it would be inspiring and make others feel the excitement of getting stuck in and doing it yourself .. nothing beats it. My work is always layered and with quite a lot going on, so I did want the book to look like that too .. I think that is where me and the publisher might have parted company! It is such a relief to know that others are finding it attractive to look at - I wanted it to be a pleasure on all fronts - and it sounds like I have succeeded with at least you ..
      Book two and onwards will indeed be about how to take the materials and work onwards through design and into resolved work .. so you won't have to wait too long! ... or maybe I am missing a marketing ploy there??! xx

  4. I love all the quilts...I am envious of the talent of others. I know, I know...Thou shalt not I fail on that one. But wouldn't most people? I have been away for a few days visiting two of our daughters in Wellington but hope to get stuck into the designs in your/my book in the coming week.

    1. I think a smidge of envy is perfectly acceptable Bonnie .. I also feel it when looking at others work .. as you say .. I think most of us do. The answer of course is to use that to fuel your own creativity and talent .. so get yourself stuck in to 'our' book won't you .. !! xx