Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Open Studios at the Bramble Patch, Weedon - the PLAN

Well - OK - I haven't got a very detailed one .. although Steph has done a spread sheet for us. But I have had 'thoughts' and 'ideas' about what might be fun to share with anyone who comes along. I know both Steph and I are often asked about how we get from initial inspiration to a finished piece of work, and I think we are both going to be working through that process in some way during our three days at the Bramble Patch. Sorry if you are doing nothing of the sort Steph - you will obviously have to now.  So - I am planning  some new work for an exhibition I have next March, called the Shape of Nature and would like this to be a continuation of some pieces I have already made. I've decided to start with this boy 'Bulrushes' (another thought provoking name from me)

This was an early quilt for me, but I still love those shapes and I also found a lovely pile of sketches I had done from some photos of bulrushes .. which included this sheet:

These are aimed at being either separate mounted works, or possibly triptychs. Another group I have just joined has a challenge where we are making pieces in squares - so I thought I would go for these square designs, both for practice and a bit of possible multi-tasking, as the theme for that group happens to be Nature .. handy! I could do them on plain backgrounds as in the original quilt ,, but I fancied a bit of detail in the background. I also fancied a moon as in  my latest Orientation pieces .. 'Many Moon's ... I do find that ideas feed into one another. So I have collaged down these three backgrounds:

and Right:

 These don't look very exciting yet - but hopefully they will. I've started quilting the backgrounds and will then be adding applique layers on top: 

The original is in a very subdued palette - especially for me, and I fancy using a rather more fauvist approach to colour on these ones - and (finally getting to the point) that is what I will be doing as part of the open studios. Using my sketches, I will be cutting and applying the applique to these pieces ready to stitch.
I'm also planning some different work, still with the bulrush theme, so will be cutting some stencils, making some stamps and also using thermofax screens to create some fabrics and papers to inspire further work. I'll hopefully also get a chance to start using these to build some new designs and collages. Can't wait actually - Annes wet room is such a gorgeous place to work. So if you can manage it - do pop in to see us .. lots of room, lovely shop and free coffee and bsicuits .. what's not to like?? - hope to see you there  - Hilary x



  1. What lucky people to be able to see you both working on projects. Ooh! If only Dr Who magic was real...I would be there yesterday!

  2. Do you mean to say you are not coming Bonnie?? Only a bit of sea and half the world in the way .. what sort of attitude is that?!" Wouldn't it be brilliant if you could do that Dr Who transporting thing?- I'd be all over the place (no comments please). Will think of you and try and remember to take pictures and when you do get over to the UK .. we must try and have one whilst you are here xx

  3. So far I have three projects in mind, and I'm bringing almost everything I own, basically enough to keep me going for about 2 weeks, if not longer. I don't think the spreadsheets are working, I haven't consulted them at all and I just keep adding stuff to my 'necessities' pile. So that's my take on planning, then. Just off to hire an articulated lorry.

    1. That's the way old bean .. the blitz attitude .. never be caught short. Oh - a lorry .. what a wonderful dream x