Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Christmas silhouettes at the Bramble Patch .. wonderful student work

Last Friday I taught the first of two workshops, making Christmas collages, which can then be photographed and printed as cards. I had a lovely group of twelve women (one for each day of Christmas) and they produced some magnificent work. I was amazed at how they got stuck in, with some collages stitched and ready for embellishment by the end of the day .. a record I think. So here are a couple of shots of the girls at work
It was rather a dull day outside .. but all was very cheery in our room. And here are the pieces they made .. as ever, I am amazed and encouraged by the amount of talent there is floating around ..

and finally - this gorgeous piece, whose creator I can picture perfectly .. but whose name totally escapes my poor brain. It has also lost it's name badge .. so apologies - if you let me have the name .. I will add it in!!
I am so sorry not to have a picture of Alisons work .. but she unfortunately had to leave a little early, as she was unwell (I hasten to add that this predated meeting me - honest!) .. and so missed the photo session. If you send me an image Alison - I would love to post it on here.
So fabulous results - and thank you to all the girls - who worked so hard and behaved beautifully. Pleeeeease do send me images when you complete your pieces .. or a card of course!! - Hilary x




  1. These are wonderful. It is fascinating to see a different application of your technique.
    Sandy in Bracknell

    1. Thanks Sandy - they ate aren't they? I was so impressed - always am .. amazing what happens when you just do it! x

  2. The computer has been hungry/greedy again. Justtosayilovealltheworkandimtypinginahurrytotryandoutwititbeforeitspitsmeoutagain.

    1. I do love a bit of unpunctuatedquicktalk - suchfuntodecipher .. I think my computer must have been talking to yours Bonnie - as I am having nasty things going on too. The work was good wasn't it? I've been playing with more leaves- hope to post them later today xx