Saturday, 22 February 2014

Make it Personal .. Session 1 .. part one

I was going to put these in the previous post - but then decided that was not right at all. They are so good - they deserved a bit more than being tacked on.. so they are getting their own post. So this is some of the work produced in two very intensive days, by my first round of session one students. I am still editing the second lot .. but hopefully tomorrow ...
As ever - a lot ... and I've just found more, so this post is a couple of hours late .. but I cannot leave any of these out
I will really try and get names right here .. but remember it is me .. not known for accurate detail ...
Linda B



Helen M
Linda P






Helen G
I don't need to say anything - they speak for themselves. So put your worries away girls - you are all artists - Hilary x


  1. You are a huge inspiration, Hilary, and these ladies have produced some outstanding work.

    1. Thank you Julie .. what a very lovely thing to say .. and haven't they just ... I am so looking forward to your next session ... x

  2. Really impressive - it makes me wish I lived near and could come too. I particularly like Brenda's printing block.

    1. I am honestly stunned every time I relook at the work .. during the days everything goes so quickly and I feel the poor girls get such a lot of input there brains must be buzzing .. then they just trot out this sort of stuff .. wonderful. Brendas block is ace isn't it ... it took quite a bit of careful cutting .. but it truly unique, which is where we are heading (and I want pinch it!!) xx

  3. Some lovely students work, they must be having a good time, I know how enjoyable your workshops are Hilary.

    1. Thanks Sandra - like you girls at the NEC - I think they are both exhausted and excited after a couple of days with me. But the result speak for themselves .. as did the ones from your group. Now - seeing your name makes me wonder if I answered your last email? will go and look - if I didn't .. don't worry .. I have put the dates we mentioned on reserve! xx

  4. Hilary B - I am green with envy!!!! This is all just fab stuff.

    Wish I'd signed up , but day job and life in general etc!!!