Monday, 5 May 2014

Fabulously messy studio, plus the show that caused it

I have one of our favourite treats here .. messy studio pictures .. so get a cuppa and settle down to gloat and relish ..
SO here we are .. just inside the door and looking right.. to the 'wet' area
 .. can I even get in?
I've managed to get about 2 ft .. and the view is not improving ...
another couple of feet .. and still deteriorating ..
am ashamed ..
poor Thelma .. abused as ever .. no wonder she sometimes smokes on the job ..
storage system breakdown .... (and yummy driftwood)
got to the table .. it is under there and turned round .. oh ...
 this is my washing up system .. I put them in to 'soak' and then to 'drain' .... several days ago - fortunately we have a dishwasher in the main house .. fear I am a slut
 right .. back out of wet area and turning right into collage and stitch area ..
not much of either is going to get done on here ..( a plus side here is I have been looking for that green spray bottle for AGES .. obviously it is only visible on photos)
or on my Janome .. hiding under here ...
or indeed on my HQ16 .. buried under here ..
and round to the right .. into the 'office area .. honest .. that is what it is .. there are 3 printers under there somewhere
useful sitting area with pathetic attempt at organising list .. I suspect I lost it after item 3 ...
desk .. and facebook on in the background .. I do tend to forget and leave it on like this .. so if I appear to be there but ignoring you .. this will be what is going on. What a bad desk .. must have majorly untidy mind then ..
Hope that was enjoyable. It isn't for poor Stephen, who is a very tidy man (weird) - I know it makes him physically traumatised having to even look .. poor soul. But it just always happens when I am manically busy running up to a show, exhibition etc. So lets have a few pictures of the exhibition. This was at the British Quilt and Stitch Village at Uttoxeter, where Traplet very kindly gave me a HUGE space to show a gallery of work .. these are first thing, before the punters arrived
and here is Stephen .. happier and keeping the shop area organised and tidy. Shows are a real eye opener for him .. he is always surprised how much people know about him (he doesn't do Facebook and so has no idea!) He does a great job and I couldn't manage without him ..  
 and here are a few images of the latest pieces I have completed .. some very last minute!!
A Feminine Touch .. 1 to 4
Beauty Matters 4 to 7 
Shape of Nature 1 & 2 
Beauty Matters 8 to 11: Willow 1 - 4
 Jugs 9: The Artists Jug
As you can see - it was a great opportunity to get some good photos whilst they were all hung up on white backgrounds .. thank you Angela. So I now have some good images for the website, where I will be updating all the galleries very soon with new work and pieces for sale.
I have been so busy this year and seriously have not had a day off since Christmas .. so after the show, I had a lovely day at Harlow Carr gardens, with a good friend. It was bliss to just potter in the sunshine, chat, eat buns and not work .. although of course I took a lot of photos, which will no doubt make their way into future work. I will post lots of those .. but for now .. here is a favourite .. some beautiful anemones. Thank you for visiting .. talk soon - Hilary x