Friday, 29 July 2016

Snowdrops 7: Thread Sketching - hopefully!!

Glitches - I am a magnet for them

Ok - for some reason I dont seem to be able to post video plus comment together???? So - as ever - I use my luddite brain for a bit of problem solving - and decide the best thign is just to post them seperately. So hopefully you do now have a video of Snowdrops 6 .. plus a few cheeky posts that say it is there when it isnt. Hope you are keeping up - will now try for Snowdrops 7 - at least it's never dull.
You could alwyas go over to my youtube channel and see all the videos there - its free to subscribe .. here is the url:
Hilary xx

Snowdrops 6 - putting in the outline

Snowdrops 6 - putting in the outline

hopefully we have the video this time!! No idea why technology always picks on me. Let's see if it posts this time - Hilary x

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Snowdrops 4: Bonding down the collage

                                         Using heat n bond to hold it all ready for stitching - I do hope you are enjoying these on here?? - Hilary x

Friday, 15 July 2016

Snowdrops 3 - background quilting + cleaning your machine!!

                                            The next snowdrops video - this one is the background quilting - and also a nice lesson on cleaning your sewing machine!! - hope you are getting anf enjoying these - Hilaryx

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Snowdrops 2: Adding the lace and net


sorry - a bit fuzzy - but you do get so you dont notice. I have now mastered the camera a bit better!! I've also worked out how to add a comment when posting here - I am getting better slowly but surely xx

Hello to my blog followers and new youtube subscribers plus show details

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Snowdrops 1 - Making the Collage

You are missing Ferns 9 .. I will find it now. I have also got a whole set of videos about making my work for the Art Textiels gallery at Festival of Quilts - thses are some of the sketches I did during design prepration

The gallery is themed 'Concealed' and I ahve done work based on the secret language of flowers. I will upload the videos here for you to watch. They are longer - but really follow my process through in detail .. so I hope are interesting and useful - Hilary xx

     White Poppy for Consolation

ferns 9

Monday, 11 July 2016

Ferns 8

Ferns 7

Ferns 6

Ferns 5

Ferns 1

Ferns 4

Sit down - this is a shock I know .. but I have at last found a quicker way to share things with you

The problem for me with my blog is simply that it takes along time to do it .. and I increasingly struggle to find that time. But making a video to explain - and show - what I have been doing is much faster. think the technical term for what I am doing - well going to do, might be vlogging?  That is - a video blog. I have been making videos of work and techniques etc for nearly 6 months now - and sharing on my facebook pages. It is a really effective way of sharing information: fast for me, and hopefully clearer for you. So what used to take me half a day to photograph and write about on here, I can now do in a quick video. 

I did try t upload the videos from my files to here - but they were way too large. Until last week I worked out to put them on You Tube - which is easier to watch I think. The today I noticed a button on my youtube channel that says 'share on blogger' - so I hit it - and hey presto - the video appeared on here. So that opens up a whole new way for me to keep you up to date over here - even if you don't like Facebook or youtube. So - to test this out - I am uploading a series of videos that are about making these peiecs for 'Crossing Oceans' gallery in Russia in the Spring. It will take a few hours to get them all here - but then I would love some feedback as to how you find the process. I can also do direct videos on my webcam .. I will post one of those too so you can see what I mean. If this works - then you patient blog followers may at last get proper information. Heres hoping!!

They should come up labelled Ferns 1,2,3 etc

And these are the separate finished pieces - Hilary x


Ferns 3

Ferns 2

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

What a Wonderful Weekend we had - piccies of Stitch Retreat


This last weekend I was leading a Stitch Retreat for lovely Nichola Keeble ( at Wyboston Lakes in Bedfordshire (well - I think it is in Bedfordshire .. other possibilities are Oxfordshire and Cambridgeshire). Whatever the county - it is a lovely spa hotel and we had a ball. Many of the group came on last years retreat (gelliping) and returned to work with the materials they had made. Then a few brave souls came in cold and hit the ground running - needless to say - they all did quite wonderful work. It was also a good social weekend - much chatting, laughing, late nights and bit of drinking ... so very perfect.
So lets get some images ..

Amazingly, all this lot went in the car ... no wonder it took a day to pack it

A few shots of the girls doing messy play an fabric, paper and in their sketchbooks

Judith caught online .. there again she was so prolific it is probably just as well

proper work now!



our lovely organiser, Nichola

and our Heather - who decorated her hoody as well as her sketchbook with a baby gelli plate

We came back for extra play each evening .. and on Saturday bought some wine with us ... I signed off teaching at 10pm and joined in the colouring .. which lasted until 2am when I really thought we should send our youngest member off to bed ... lovely evening though 

She was a little smidge head-achey, but right back to it Sunday am .. when we did REAL stitching .. a rarity on my workshops I think


Look at all those machines - I felt like a proper tutor

Everyone managed to get their collage down and held together with some good wonky stitching.Here they all are ... some stunning work ..
















So much talent. Most are now ready to take this home and work machine or hand embroidery, together with crayons and coloured pencils to finish them off. They have PROMISED to send me images when they are complete and I will share them here and on facebook.

I have opened a new facebook page just for worky stuff - like exhibitions, workshops, shop and work in progress. It's less manic than my usual page - so maybe those of you who don't really like FB might feel happier there? It is also where I will post news about the new studio I am converting at our new home in Newport, Gwent, and workshops running there. Here is a link:

I can't remember whether I have told you here about the new shop?? It is all up and running and a lot easier to use. Several new products too - so do go and have a look

I'll try and post again soon to tell you all about the new plans now we are moved
Thank you for joining me - Hilary x