Friday, 29 July 2016

Snowdrops 7: Thread Sketching - hopefully!!

Glitches - I am a magnet for them

Ok - for some reason I dont seem to be able to post video plus comment together???? So - as ever - I use my luddite brain for a bit of problem solving - and decide the best thign is just to post them seperately. So hopefully you do now have a video of Snowdrops 6 .. plus a few cheeky posts that say it is there when it isnt. Hope you are keeping up - will now try for Snowdrops 7 - at least it's never dull.
You could alwyas go over to my youtube channel and see all the videos there - its free to subscribe .. here is the url:
Hilary xx

Snowdrops 6 - putting in the outline

Snowdrops 6 - putting in the outline

hopefully we have the video this time!! No idea why technology always picks on me. Let's see if it posts this time - Hilary x

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Snowdrops 4: Bonding down the collage

                                         Using heat n bond to hold it all ready for stitching - I do hope you are enjoying these on here?? - Hilary x

Friday, 15 July 2016

Snowdrops 3 - background quilting + cleaning your machine!!

                                            The next snowdrops video - this one is the background quilting - and also a nice lesson on cleaning your sewing machine!! - hope you are getting anf enjoying these - Hilaryx

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Snowdrops 2: Adding the lace and net


sorry - a bit fuzzy - but you do get so you dont notice. I have now mastered the camera a bit better!! I've also worked out how to add a comment when posting here - I am getting better slowly but surely xx

Hello to my blog followers and new youtube subscribers plus show details

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Snowdrops 1 - Making the Collage

You are missing Ferns 9 .. I will find it now. I have also got a whole set of videos about making my work for the Art Textiels gallery at Festival of Quilts - thses are some of the sketches I did during design prepration

The gallery is themed 'Concealed' and I ahve done work based on the secret language of flowers. I will upload the videos here for you to watch. They are longer - but really follow my process through in detail .. so I hope are interesting and useful - Hilary xx

     White Poppy for Consolation

ferns 9

Monday, 11 July 2016

Ferns 8

Ferns 7

Ferns 6

Ferns 5

Ferns 1

Ferns 4

Sit down - this is a shock I know .. but I have at last found a quicker way to share things with you

The problem for me with my blog is simply that it takes along time to do it .. and I increasingly struggle to find that time. But making a video to explain - and show - what I have been doing is much faster. think the technical term for what I am doing - well going to do, might be vlogging?  That is - a video blog. I have been making videos of work and techniques etc for nearly 6 months now - and sharing on my facebook pages. It is a really effective way of sharing information: fast for me, and hopefully clearer for you. So what used to take me half a day to photograph and write about on here, I can now do in a quick video. 

I did try t upload the videos from my files to here - but they were way too large. Until last week I worked out to put them on You Tube - which is easier to watch I think. The today I noticed a button on my youtube channel that says 'share on blogger' - so I hit it - and hey presto - the video appeared on here. So that opens up a whole new way for me to keep you up to date over here - even if you don't like Facebook or youtube. So - to test this out - I am uploading a series of videos that are about making these peiecs for 'Crossing Oceans' gallery in Russia in the Spring. It will take a few hours to get them all here - but then I would love some feedback as to how you find the process. I can also do direct videos on my webcam .. I will post one of those too so you can see what I mean. If this works - then you patient blog followers may at last get proper information. Heres hoping!!

They should come up labelled Ferns 1,2,3 etc

And these are the separate finished pieces - Hilary x


Ferns 3

Ferns 2