Thursday, 25 May 2017

Only 2 weeks to go ...

Unbelievably, it's only 2 weeks before the first workshop in the new teaching studio - I think we shall have cake. The first session is Make it Personal - the 2 days every other month option ... and session 1 will be on using masks and stencils to make materials reflecting the students chosen theme. This post shows you mine from a few years ago with my beloved tulips. 


This is a yearlong course which will help you to find your own voice and style as an artist. Year 1 could also stand alone as a very comprehensive course in surface design - we will cover making and suing stencils and masks, making and using stamps and lino cutting, monoprinting, collagraph printing and gelli plate printing; making and using rubbing plates, and taking rubbings from life plus using other resists to get texture; screen printing (my way) and designing and using thermofax screens: soy wax printing; using mixed media to work back into work and then finally analysing your work as a potential 'palette' of materials for your personal work. 


During this year you will learn to use procion dyes, fabric paints, artists crayons and mixed media to make unique materials. A small A4 size piece of work will be made at each session to consolidate the techniques learned and how they might be applied. Students will also be encouraged to keep sketchbook throughout the year to record and try out their developing artists voice. By the end of the year, each student will have 12 A4 pieces and at least one sketchbook of ideas and information. The emphasis will be very much on developing a personal voice and style throughout the year.


Year 2, for those who choose to continue will move on to elements and principles of design, drawing and painting for design and then into developing larger finished works. Again - each session will have a piece of work associated and students should complete 4 unique finished pieces of art. These, together with the A4 pieces from year 1, and sketchbooks and design work will be shown in a gallery at the Minerva Gallery  in Wales during May 2019. This is a white walled gallery and will give students the opportunity to show off what they have been doing, but also to experience preparing for a gallery show, hanging and presenting work professionally, stewarding and the logistics of exhibiting. It will also put their work in front of lots of interested people – another useful experience for a new textile artist.  


Doesn’t that sound good? But I still have a couple of places free on this course ... which I would love to fill. It’s my sort of ‘flagship’ course as it follows alongside my Make it Personal books and also reflects my desire to bring out the inner artist in everyone. Of all my workshops – this is the one I really want to be taken up

If you are having problems with the dates for a session, email and talk to me. I have mentoring days which we can use to make up any missed sessions … I have already done this with a couple of students

We have the perfect environment for you to learn and grow here .. and small numbers of students will mean as much tutor input as you need and opportunities to go completely off piste if you so wish!. Travel is easy to Newport and there are lots of places to stay nearby.  Students who did the similar course a couple of years ago are welcome to come again .. and will find it is updated and much more comprehensive this time .. and will follow through into making and exhibiting work. 


I so hope the last places book – but whether they do or not – students already booked will be starting on what I hope might be a life changing journey for them  in 2 weeks. I’d better get back to painting their studio then! - Hilary xx 


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  1. Sorry I live so far away!!! You are an inspiration to so many of us!!!