Monday, 29 January 2018

Hearts and Roses part 4 - more stamping x

        Next bit of stamping. Would you like one about making up the collage too? xx

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Hearts and Roses part 3 - stamping

Hearts & Roses - Painting the Rose - part two

Hearts & Roses _ Painting the Rose part 1

Hochanda Show - and some new videos

Hello!!! - long time no chat on here - and I am sorry. I will try harder for the sake of those of you who hate old Facebbok :) 

Hopefully you have found the youtube channel - but even that has been quiet recently. I have been uber busy with the new workshops at the studio and also with various other projects - like this one. A show on Hochanda TV. Not BBC1 - but exciting for me and took a lot of preparing. I was sooo nervous - but it went ok I think. Any way - I am also posting some new videos to back it up - as time is limited on the show. They will be coming next. First - here is the link for the show - available on rewind for a week I believe

these are the pieces and kits



 If you want any of the kits on the show - you will need to go via Hochanda - as they are exclusive to them You should be able to see the links on their page 

Will upload the first of my follow ups next xx