Saturday, 1 December 2012

Thelma hits the road ..

And what a girl she is. Thelma - for those who don't know/can't remember (I find that latter category is nearly always me these days), is my gorgeous thermofax machine. And I have been having such a nice time getting to know her ... I knew she would fit with me, like toast and butter. Excitingly, we went on tour - together with Louise (laser printer) to see the girls at the Midlands contemporary group last Monday. All members had a go or several at burning a screen and there were some gorgeous ones made. Not many got around to printing theirs, so I can't show you the results - hopefully I can photo those at our next meeting. But I, of course did do some printing - lots actually, so I can show you those ...
I am still working with my theme of coast, so here are some prints from screens featuring shells, crabs and groynes
I really love the rather distressed nature of these images - just perfect for my theme. I have been asked why I bought my own thermofax, rather than have screens made. The answer is simple - I tend to do things by multiples, not halves, and I guessed that once I got going I would feel I needed a lot of screens. I came home from the midlands group, feeling very enthused and decided to make some more shell/seaweed screens. So yesterday I adapted some drawings and photographs and made 31 new screens. Yep - 31 .... you see why I need my own machine? Here are just few of the new designs I made ...
I mean - how yummy are those? I have been busy today trying them out on some new pages and paper ... not photographed yet, but they look great.
I love printing and painting my own cloth, and at our Region 10 area day last weekend, I demonstrated using stencils to make patterned cloth. I find it always starts off looking a little dull, but if you keep going and keep layering .. it all gets very exciting. Here is an image of large piece of cloth that I stencilled as an example.
 It is not all meant to be used as one piece - I was showing different ways of using the stencils and the differing effects with paint and dye, as well as different colours. But when cut up - I thing I am going to have some very exciting cloths indeed - so here are couple of crops:
OK - four then ...I can't help myself! And in that spirit, I wondered what would happen if I altered one of these an made a thermofax screen? Answer ....
Ooooh! I can't wait to try this one out.
If you like the look of all these, then you might be interested to know that Steph Redefiner and I are having an Open Studio at the Bramble Patch in Weedon next year - 29,30 and 31 August 2013. We both have new thermofax machines and both love printing, so I'm sure there will be some to see. So please do come along. We are also having a joint exhibition there next August and will both be teaching workshops - but I'll tell you all about that another time. I'm off to do some (more) printing - Hilary x


  1. Terrific!
    I just my first screen (made for me)last week and have had a teeny play, but need more ink/paint. I have ordered some from Colourcraft, although I had a bit of a funny phone-call with them, so I am not expecting the parcel too soon! May I ask, what your favourite medium is?

  2. Hi - are you Rose, Rose coloured world?? I always think of you as such. Inks, paints, dyes ... there are so many aren't there. I love to use a combination of thickened procion dyes and then seperately, either acrylic or fabric paints. I find the combination of their opposite qualities of transparency and opacity really works well for me. As far as fabric paint goes, I use, and would thoroughly recommend Setacolour Opaque brand, which I buy in big bottles to reduce cost a little. This is not the cheapest brand of fabric paint, but it is so wonderfully opaque, you can layer white over black and get gorgeous stand out images. Acrylic wise .. I am not so fussy ... usually driven by colour to be honest when painting on fabric. If you are going to use acrylic paint with a screen though, I would definitley add a fabric medium (I have a system 3 one) which keeps the acrylic open (wet) for longer and prevents it clogging up your screen. You need to be careful too with the fabric paints. Dyes stay wet for much longer. I keep a cat litter tray of water on the table and chuck screens in as I finish with them. I used some screen printing inks of Edwina's at the midlands group - which were also good and a little more slow dryiong. I can't recall the brand, but I know she gets them from Claire Higgott at - Claire is very knowledgable about thermofax printing and also very nice!I am sure she would advise you too. Good luck and do let me know how you get on! - Hilary x

    1. Thank you Hilary - I am actually a George (Georgina)who would love to be a Rose!
      Thanks too for all the info - experimentation ahead!

  3. I must apologise to Steph, who we all know is Steph Redfern and not a redefiner at all ... I am blaming spellcheck! Sorry S xx

  4. I quite like my new name actually, I'm going to call you Hilary Betterer from now on.