Monday, 24 April 2017

Workshop programme and a bit more about Make it Personal



The workshop programme has been live for nearly a week now and is filling up nicely – thank you …  I am very excited and so looking forward to them starting in June. A couple have nearly sold out, so I will be looking to see if I can juggle things a little and possibly re-run them.  

I have however had a few people feedback that paying for the whole year of Make it Personal up front is prohibitive for them – which I can understand. So I have decided to offer a staged payment option for the course – which will be 4 payments of £180 … one on booking, and then one in Aug, Nov and Feb (trying to avoid Xmas!). I hope that will help. 

 I would still like your commitment to the years course though – as it is designed so that each session builds on all those before to really help you find your own language and voice as an artist. I have run it before with some people doing the whole course and others dropping in and out of some sessions and I felt that although we had a great year, it meant that a lot of re-tracking had to be done each time for those coming in new and the year long course became disjointed as a result.  I think by keeping the same group working together and progressing we will be able to develop each of you much more individually and effectively – I hope that makes sense to you.

The first year will add up to being a very comprehensive study of multiple surface design techniques – always geared towards a personal interpretation and giving students a huge variety of ways to work into their themes and develop materials and ideas.

 We will cover stamps (inclusing lino cuts, blocks and foam stamps), stencils, monoprinting, gelli printing, rubbings, resist and soy wax resist, screen pringing, thermofax printing all using a variety fo bases (fabrcis and papers) and a variety of media (gelatos, crayons, pencilss, fabric paint, dyes, dabbers, wax, molding paste and appliglue). Virtually all materials will be provided for this - you just need to turn up! -Examples of these are in the images in this post

 This will be followed in year 2 (this will be in the next programme for 2018/19) with an equally comprehensive study of the elements and principles of design, again directed towards personal preferences. As we study each area of design we will make pieces of work to practice application and leaqrn construction techniques and skills. Students will complete the year by designing and making one (or more) large pieces of work, using all the skill learnt during the previous months. If students wish – I will arrange a gallery showing for these at one of the major textile shows

I hope that explains a bit more about the course and why I need a longer term commitment for you for this particular workshop.
I will of course, contact all those already booked on the course to offer the same payment options!!

If it is useful, I can post blog posta about some of the other workshops to give you a better idea what will be covered? Or I could do some video examples?  

Talk soon - Hilary x


  1. The ones I have booked are not until 2018 but I would love some more information at some time.

    1. I'll do that Pauline - sketchbooks and Lovely leaves I think .. will let you get thinking and planning xx